Terms and Conditions


1 The owner hereby certifies to the accuracy of all information given about the pet.  The owner specifically represents that the pet has not been exposed to distemper, rabies, and has not been ill with any communicable condition within a 30 day period prior to boarding at the Resort. The owner verifies that all vet records showing up to date booster and kennel cough (administered no less than TEN days prior check in) will be produced prior to pet check in at Dogwood, failure to produce valid certification will automatically result in declined admission to board. Pets displaying signs of illness at check in will be refused entry.

2 The owner represents that his/her Pet has not bitten or shown any aggressive or threatening behaviour toward any person, child or animal.

3 The owner understands that he/she is solely responsible for any harm caused by his/her Pet to any person, other pets or the property whilst the owner’s pet is a guest or using Pet services at Dogwood Pet Resort.

4 The owner understands that he/she is solely responsible for their Pet on the premises at the Resort prior to Dogwood Staff escorting the Pet after check-in/out. The Owner understands that the Pet must be secure on a lead and muzzled if required, the owner understands to not enter the reception area with the Pet should another Owner or Pet is within the reception area. It is essential that all paperwork/online registration is completed before the Pet is brought into the reception/check-in area. Please contact Dogwood if you have concerns about your pet and their behaviour when checking in. pre opening check in/out can be arranged on request. Pets must wear a secure collar with identification and be licensed.

5 The owner understands and agrees that in permitting his/her Pets to participate in group activities and treks that the owner understands that Pets, when in groups, can accidentally injure each other while playing. Minor cuts, scrapes, bite wounds and bruises are a possibility and not unexpected as a result of group participation.  The Resort and staff will not be held responsible for incidents within or outside the resort as a result of the Pet’s attendance of boarding, day camp, day care, treks and all activities and services.

6. The owner certifies that if the Pet will be participating in day camp and group activities that the Pet is spayed or neutered. Pets participating or wishing to participate in day camp will be required to undergo grading to determine if suitable for group activities. Day care is offered to all Pets.

7. Owners requiring their dogs to share accommodation understand that Dogwood Pet Resort and staff will not be responsible if the pets injure each other as a result of sharing a room together.

8. If a Pet becomes ill, or if the state of the animal’s health otherwise requires professional attention, Dogwood Pet Resort, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian or administer medicine or give other requisite attention to the animal, and the expense thereof shall be paid by the Owner. Dogwood will only administer medication as prescribed by their vets. In the very unfortunate circumstances of a pet death at Dogwood, the resort will carry out an investigation with the assistance of a veterinarian should the death be premature, or of an otherwise healthy (condition free)  pet. Dogwood will contact the owners directly for instructions as to cremation/burial or collection from the nominated contacts should the owners be unavailable. Dogwood will not bear any costings for veterinarian fees, pet cremation or burial. Owners of deceased pets will receive veterinarian written reports as to the cause of their pets death. For the welfare of other boarding guests Dogwood reserves the right to have any pet death investigated by a veterinarian.

9. Dogwood Pet Resort shall exercise care and attention for the Pet delivered by Owner to the Resort for any Pet services. It is expressly agreed by the Owner that the Resort’s liability shall in no event exceed the lesser of the current chattel value of a Pet of the same species, or the sum of £500.00 per animal brought to the Resort for boarding, day camp, grooming, training, or any combination thereof. Dogwood Pet Resort is fully insured to cover any pet whilst on site within the facility or grounds of Dogwood Pet Resort, any guest participating in trek or off site activities will not be insured by Dogwood Pet resort, whilst Dogwood Pet Resort will offer every level of care and keep guests safe on treks, the resort cannot be held responsible for other dogs or persons not within our control, therefore it is advisable to have independent insurance before booking treks or activities outside Dogwood Pet Resort.

10. The Resort will make every effort to return items left with Pet. However these items may not be returned or they may be returned in poor condition. The Resort is not responsible for said items. Dogwood Pet Resort will not accept any beds/bedding and will not accept any toys that are unsuitable or in poor condition. Pet toys that are specifically made for pets will only be accepted at Dogwood. Dogwood will not accept rawhide chews, toys or treats that pose a threat of choking.

11. Bathing ‐ all guests of the Resort, if their stay is longer than 4 days may receive a basic bath (wash and dry) at the Owner’s expense as deemed necessary by Resort staff. Dogwood expects Pets to be in clean condition on arrival for boarding, basic baths/flea treatments or worming may be given to pets following check in, should they have soiled or dirty coats, all treatments will be charged to the owners account.

12. Grooming ‐ any grooming which takes place on an elderly animal or animal with health problems will be at the Owner’s risk. Grooming may expose pre‐existing health/skin problems for which the Resort cannot be held liable. De‐matting/thinning out of matted hair may cause patchiness and hair loss. Consent to remove the matted hair is on this understanding. Pets deemed to be difficult to groom or in need of extra groom time or an additional groomer to assist will be charged a fee of £10 per hour or part there off. Owners failing to collect their Pets on time after the groom appointment will be charged a sitting fee of £6 per hour(fifteen minutes granted for late pick up’s) If the owner fails to collect their Pet after an hour the Pet will automatically be placed into day care at a further charge of £15 per day in addition to groom and hour wait fee. Customers boarding pets with high maintenance coats can arrange for the Dogwood groomers to daily or weekly complete a coat brush through and condition. Dogwood will not be responsible for coat matting whilst pets are in boarding.

13. All charges incurred by the Owner shall be payable upon date scheduled for the Pet’s check out. The Pet shall not leave the Resort until all charges are paid by the Owner. Dogwood Pet Resort accepts credit/debit/maestro cards, but will not accept cheques.  Deposits for Pet services at Dogwood Pet Resort are non refundable but valid for use within a four month period, or extended due special circumstances, subject to availability, providing the Owner has offered 96 hours (four days) notification of cancellation. Deposits are strictly non refundable or transferable during the ‘peak season months’ of July and August, if your pet is collected before the scheduled departure date, the full boarding fee applies. Customers failing to check their pets in or out during the operational check in and out times will be not be permitted to check in or out unless agreed by the staff, to which additional out of hours fees apply.

14. The Owner agrees to abide by Dogwood Pet Resort’s policies regarding hours of operation, cancellation fees, payment of services, vaccination requirements and other operational and safety regulations. Dogwood will advertise any exceptional closure days on the website/social media within good notice. Dogwood club membership fees are valid for one year and to be paid in full upon each registration or renewal date membership. Dogwood membership is only available for purchase during January or September.

15. The Owner gives permission for publication of photos or video taken of Pet and/or Owner by the Resort. The Owner understands that owner will not be paid any royalty or other compensation and hereby relinquishes any and all rights for payment if a photo or video of Pet and/or Owner is published in any form or medium. Dogwood will run advertising/email campaigns, owners have the right to be removed from mailing lists via link in email or contacting us directly.

16. If the Resort determines that the Pet requires special handling, the Resort reserves the right to charge the Owner a £15 daily special handling fee.

17. Day care guests that have not been collected at check out time will automatically be boarded for that evening, the full boarding fee will apply in addition to the day care fee. Dogwood members can extend daycare/camp to an overnights stay with a discounted charge of £10.

18. Dogwood Pet Resort will administer medication to pet’s as prescribed by a vet. administration of tablets, £1 per administration, £5 for application of dressings etc. Due to no veterinary nurse on site pets requiring administration of injections will not be permitted to board.

19. In the event of a Pet being extremely unsettled and disruptive to other guests within the resort. The customers nominated contact will be requested to remove the Pet from Dogwood.  Should the nominated contact not accept the owners pet, a special handling fee will be applied to the owners account at a charge of £10 daily. It is essential that all pets boarding or using day services at Dogwood provide a reliable nominated/emergency contact.

20. Children are not allowed inside Dogwood Pet Resort at any time.

21. Dogwood operates a very busy facility and we do not permit full tours due to insurance restrictions, unless a scheduled open day has been arranged.  Dogwood will be very happy to meet and discuss new clients and a view of our facilities can be inspected from our lobby area. It is advisable to telephone/email your request in advance and we can arrange suitable meeting times.

 This agreement contains the entire agreement between parties. All terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be binding on the representatives and assigns of the Owner and Resort. This contract shall remain in effect for subsequent transactions between the Pet Owner and Dogwood pet Resort.